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First I have Fibromyalgia, I'm mostly a homebody due to pain. I love going out , doing new things , outdoors , hiking anything with water but I also have lazy days where I just wanna stay home cuddle with movies n takeout. But, I do love to travel, having visited the wild animals of Tanzania and the Galapagos; and ancient spiritual places, like Machu Picchu. I work in civil rights, fighting against discrimination and fighting for equal rights. I have a cat that is important to me ( borderline crazy cat lady) I am a full time student working on my BA in criminal Justice and psychology. I am determined when it comes to things that I believe in. I do photography of nature so love to be out and taking pictures. Im a person that wants to have fun i love music dancing and laughing yeah i said it i love to laugh and make people laugh i dont have time for drama too old for that im a person that speaks their mind i dont hold back sometimes that can get me in trouble because people dont know how to deal with my slick mouth but that would be the sour side of me the sweet side of me is i love being a kid and having fun I love music more than anything. I am warm, empathetic, witty, funny and love to have a good time. i am an artist trying to find a place in my life that involves my art. I also dye my hair a lot, i do want tattoos and piercings in the near future.My personality, I'm shy, can be snippy but working on it lol. It's been a very long time since I've been with a girl and I'm looking for well... Nothing serious if whatever happens happens I'm loyal dependable and just damn fun to be around. I believe in God, but am spiritual, not religious; I live the way I think God would want me to live, with respect and kindness to others. I fight for the things I believe in by trying to live them. I just wish to live how I believe and let that serve as my attempt to positively affect change one person at a time. I'd almost agree with that, but there's just one thing missing and that's someone to share it with. I am very clumsy ( just for a warning) I look younger than I am. I think having i girlfriend would make this life rad. You tamp down your inner turmoil: deep breath; you look great!Whether you’re pushing 30, 40 or 50 — with a baby or with a couple of slouchy teens — that “suddenly single” status can feel like a gift. In the same year, in Seattle, there were nearly a quarter-million single-parent households, and you can bet that number has grown. That’s plenty of time to bail out lingering bad divorce feelings, steer the kids back on track, get your sea legs and go. Experts say the answer lies in this irony: You’re really ready to date when you don’t really need to date.Several years ago, I visited Seattle with my sister during our trip to the Northwest, and, while we only spent about two days there, we fell in love with the city.Of course, we took in sights like the Space Needle, Pier 57, the Seattle Great Wheel, and Pike Place Market. After weeks of online flirtation and, let’s face it, investigation, there’s no escaping this awful, exciting, unnerving event: your first date. Every day, hundreds of newly single parents reenter the dating scene after a long (to put it mildly) hiatus.

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In fact, our scientists believe that while most long-lasting relationships begin with great chemistry, it’s not the thing that keeps relationships alive year after year.

It’s those areas of compatibility mentioned above that form the basis of a great match – one that continues to grow and develop as life goes on.

I'm thoughtful, caring, pretty, funny, open-minded but have my own thoughts. I am a down to earth, kind-hearted, fun loving woman seeking the same in a life partner. I prefer more personal settings, rather than bars and parties. I'm a construction crane operator and I love what I do. And What i want to do in my life is get somewhere with my art.

As their mom, and as someone who loves animals deeply, I want to be with them to care and love them as long as I can. If you want to get to know me or want anymore information I am an open book just ask. Short hair right now Looking for a serious relationship, but also down for dating and FWB until I meet the right woman. As a social worker I am open to dating and/or making acquaintances with people from a variety of different backgrounds and experiences. i admit i do like playing video games and anime and comic books.

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I am a homebody, and love to be home with my beloved pets, especially now that they are all battling various medical issues. But sometimes i can get a little sad over dumb things. I can stand up for myself and stay strong when i need to. I live in a small town, a boring town but somehow i find things to do to keep me entertained. I'm also a big nerd haha well i'm not afraid to bring out the nerdy side.

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