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Miranda updating of group on server list failed

Be aware that the information to hide certain update will be lost, and no detailed information will be available.Configuring your client to connect and register in Wsus.

After this process folder has not more them 10 MB, and you saved some space.See next some examples about what you can read: ...Automatic Updates Success Software Synchronization Windows Update Client successfully detected 23 updates... Automatic Updates Success Pre-Deployment Check Reporting client status... Microsoft Update Success Content Download Download succeeded... Installation successful and restart required for the following update: Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB2345886)... Every time that Automatic Updates Service is started, this directory will be checked and if not present will be recreated, and all the folders and content, so there is no problem to delete it, (you will lose all information, even logs), but when it is occupying to much space in Disk is a solution to free some space.To complete our clustered instance installation, we just need to add another node to the installation.The following steps are showing how to perform this.

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If you want to configure the “filestream” feature, you can do in the respective tab.