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But to say their rushed union in late July was a perfect marriage would be unfair because Domingue had already found his soulmate.

And she deserves credit for Texas solving the biggest hole on its roster.

Domingue, while acknowledging that his circumstances “sucked,” has handled it all with class, saying “I love” LSU coach Les Miles and expressing empathy for Miles and the decision he made because “coaches are coaching for their livelihood and they have to make business decisions.” It follows that with such humility, Domingue refused to acknowledge early in camp that he’d be UT’s kicker.

“I want to compete and make sure I’ve won the starting job,” he said.

(Chris Graythen/Getty Images) Texas needed a kicker, and Trent Domingue needed a team.In two issues on appeal, appellant argues that his conviction for aggravated assault violates double jeopardy and the evidence is legally insufficient to support his conviction for felony murder. “That test asks ‘whether each provision requires proof of a fact which the other does not.’ ” Ex parte Benson, 459 S. We resolve appellant's first issue in his favor and vacate his conviction for aggravated assault. Early in fall camp, Domingue discussed his journey to Austin — and the irony of how he’s being viewed as something of a savior even after effectively being dumped by LSU; the Tigers, in mid-July, declined to renew his scholarship and instead gave it to another kicker on their roster.Domingue, suddenly scrambling for a new school, considered several options “in the South,” but found comfort at UT by rekindling a rapport with defensive line coach Brick Haley, whom Domingue knew when Haley coached at LSU.

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