Contemporary dating and courtship

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I will admit that it is hard to find someone of the opposite sex who has an interest in courtship just like I am, even in the Christian community.I dated my previous 2 boyfriends (thank God things stopped in time – I never lost my virginity).Dating is all about selfish desire: “Me, myself and I”, and what can I get out of this relationship.

Consider the celebrated ski bunny who wiles away her day in the ski chalet bundled in a fashionable sporting outfit, patiently waiting for the ski wolves, filled with the rush of adrenaline to return from the slopes to gobble her up. The bait was put out there: some suitors took the bait and were hooked and reeled in; some just swam away. In fly casting, you are after a specific kind of trout which is found in a specific location and is tempted by a specific kind of fly.

—Joseph Addison Traditionally, the term “courtship” has been used to refer to something which a man does to a woman.

He goes to court her, he pays court to her, he woos her; and if he is successful, he beds her and, maybe, later weds her as well.

Even though we are in the 21st century, the new courtship is a revolutionary idea for many.

Traditionally, women have been trained to seek out relationships by making themselves as attractive as possible and then to wait hopefully to see who might come along and take notice of them. When you go trolling, you move your bait slowly through the water behind a trawler, and various kinds of fish may or may not bite.

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The pleasantest part of a man’s life is generally that which passes in courtship, provided his passion be sincere and the party beloved, kind, and discreet.