Cod4 steam pb not updating

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Cod4 steam pb not updating

Right click and open the list of files on the disk and navigate to the \Setup\rsrc folder.

Right click on Co D4(or Co D4 application if you don't have your computer show file extensions) and go to properties and then compatibility tab.

Select Windows Vista as compatibility mode and OK to save and close. It will hang look like it hangs up for about 10 minutes but then procede to install.

If this doesn't work just copy all file to a folder on the desktop and follow the instructions above except with the files on the desktop not the DVD/CD. I don't recall where I downloaded them from years ago, but Google Co D4 patches and look around but be careful.

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updated 16th May 2013 : Co D and Co D2 added to headline, upload stays unchanged.

update 13th July 2013 : Zi P version added, archive contents are equal update 21st December 2013 : Uploads refreshed with - Windows Ver.

The server version is 1.7.568 so you will have to install patches to update the game to that version. Then go in and create a profile and set up video options and play the game.

Exit and then install the updated Punkbuster files contained herein.

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On Win7Pro, the "pb" folder is on the C drive in the Program Files (x86) folder, Activision subfolder, Call of Duty 4 - Modern Warfare subfolder.