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But the God Who created these desires has also ordained the means for their legitimate satisfaction. This is evident from the fact that it was created before man fell into sin and existed in a world which God Himself considered "Very Good".But ever since the Fall of man, his view of sex has been perverted and he himself has become a slave to sexual desire.Ignorance about the Scriptural teaching on these subjects has left most young people defenceless against Satan's subtle attacks in these realms. It presents sex, love and marriage from God's viewpoint.

We live in a world which is still reaping the sad effects of that Fall.There are some matters on which one cannot be dogmatic. But there are other matters on which one cannot but be firm. Most evangelical Christians in India, I fear, have soft-pedaled these issues for too long.On such matters I have expressed myself unequivocally. Many a young life might have been saved from ruin if Christian leaders had spoken with a firmer voice on these matters.If misused, it can lead him down to the lowest depths of degradation.It is indeed, as one has said, Sexual desire is as normal as the desire for food and for rest.

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These instincts may not be of the same strength in all, but they do constitute a powerful force in all normal human beings for at least thirty years after adolescence.