Adult chatroulette facetime

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Adult chatroulette facetime

The cameras are in smartphones, laptops, and even new TVs.

A quick call on an AT&T Samsung Galaxy SIII and there she was suddenly asking what certain buildings were and why there was a light show in progress.The pace at which we switch from one technology to another can make your head spin.But there's one technology whose lack of traction is more of a head scratcher than a head spinner: Why hasn't video calling become the norm?Sure, more bandwidth and lower cost wireless connections would help. A lack of standards and a refusal by the major players to make their services compatible means that video calls are more like appointment viewing than impromptu phone calls.Industry analysts persist in painting a rosy forecast for video calling's future.

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On the other hand, both father and son were grinning from ear to ear, feeling just a little bit less lonely. Quain on Twitter @jqontech or find more tech coverage at

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